Jack Osbourne. CEO, Founder, and lead designer of Tier1-Dad. He is a gear aficionado, avid adventurer and more importantly, a father of two. After the birth of his daughter, he quickly realized that not only were most commercially available diaper bags covered in flowery prints, they were also being made from low quality, flimsy materials. This is when the idea of Tier1-Dad was born; a line of high quality, functional diaper and lifestyle bags for dads. He crafted the line using his own knowledge of military gear and the outdoors. He consulted with numerous members of the armed forces and avid outdoorsmen to create the most durable, highly functional bags available.


TIER1-D is dedicated to bringing the best in gear and apparel to the modern dad.
Co-parenting is the way of the future. Dads are involved now more than ever. We want to spend time with our sons and daughters as much as possible; after all, their future will be shaped by us.

During the development portion of these products, we have put the needs of rugged dads under the microscope. We’ve learned much about ourselves and parenthood along the way. Our products are a result of examining our needs through our own past experiences as dads. Tier1-Dad initially had the goal of making the best, most durable and practical diaper bags, but what we’ve ended up with has gone beyond that. Now Tier1-D has a mission.

The developing principles behind Tier1-Dad go beyond just making a strong American diaper bag. We seek to empower fathers to raise good human beings and be present in the lives of their families. It is up to all of us Tier1-Dads to lead by example. Our line of products ventures to give dads the best gear for the toughest, yet most rewarding mission of their lives: Fatherhood.